Unrest in Mali and a new project for street boys

The unrest in Mali has made it difficult for us to go to visit Burkina Faso as we had planned this year. The risk of kidnap and violence has unfortunately made it necessary to cancel our trip next week where we were hoping to take our friends from Rotary to look at some of the projects they had helped to fund. But this has not stopped us from starting the next phase of our street boys project.

Many young men from families in the city with large numbers of children are effectively abandoned to the streets by their parents because they cannot afford education and they cannot find employment. 2 years ago we were able to buy land in preparation for building a workshop where they could be taught basic literacy and numeracy as well as learning how to become mechanics. We have now been able to send the money needed to build the workshop – look out for the pictures which we will post as soon as we get them sent over.