As Christians we believe that God is interested in the whole person, body, mind and spirit. The term “Church planting” refers to the process where a Christian community is established in an area which does not usually have any other church present. The Church is made up primarily by people – relationships hold the church together and allow it to function effectively, serving the local community in whatever way is necessary and possible. The construction of a physical church building helps to make that process of serving so much more effective.

The church building functions in several ways, apart from the obvious meeting place for church services:

  • A centre where people of any religion or belief can meet together, helping to build community.
  • A classroom where people can be taught basic literacy and numeracy skills
  • A Health facility where local clinicians, doctors and nurses along with health project workers, can hold educational sessions with the local people passing on important advice on management and prevention of diseases.

The Bible school just outside of Bobo-Dioulasso produces up to 60 graduates per year whose training is specifically aimed at the graduates becoming Christian workers within their community. Their approach is inclusive not exclusive and they move into, and become part of, the community where they will serve.

The church building is also served by a well which is available for other villagers to use and a house for the church pastor and his family to live in.

How we can help

Aid to Burkina has helped to build 2 churches so far, the first at Yabasso a village Northwest of Bobo-Dioulasso  and the second at Lena, 13km to the North of Yabasso. We have also purchased land for a third church to be built in Koloukan near Banfora, Southwest of Bobo-Dioulasso.

Church leadership and training is supervised by the Assembly of God, Burkina Faso, a worldwide mainstream Christian denomination. You can find out more about the work of the Assemblies of God by clicking the link here.