Our next visit to Burkina Faso is coming up soon…..

In early November we will be going with a small team to Bobo-Dioulasso to look at our ongoing projects from 2013. Top of the list will be the Street Boys project which is in the final stages of implementation. We have been careful to buy the equipment only when needed, as the temptation for some of the boys to help themselves has to be weighed up against their immediate need for education! We will post pictures as soon as we get back home – so watch this space….

We have some exciting new projects that we are looking into, including a school complex in an area where gold has been found. The potential for environmental and social disaster in this area is high as the scramble to exploit the resources commences, but we have access to about 5 hectares of land in the heart of the area where we would like to build schools in time for the huge influx of migrant workers and their families who will be moving there.

Our eye hospital continues to loom on the horizon and we look forward to being able to report some good news on our return.